Boat Building Video Now Available on YouTube

 Over the years people have often said that they would like to work alongside me, but as I preferred to work alone this has never happened. But now I am giving everyone the opportunity to do just that!

When I was building the sloop "Frosty Morn" in the winter of 1984 - 85 I had taken a total of 12 hours of video over the six months that it took to build her. Until now I have never had the time nor the technology to edit these tapes. But recently I was able to have them digitized and I have now edited them down to approximately 80 min. The material covers everything from the initial lofting, setup, planking, fairing, decking, fitting out, paintings and varnishing, launching and much more.
The video is very smooth and professional, but unfortunately, because of the passage of time the quality of the picture is not as good as it could be, but it certainly is acceptable.

It has the original soundtrack, also I have added narration.

I think this video would be beneficial to anyone who is thinking of building a boat, or perhaps just interested in wooden boat building, particularly cold molded boat building. So I am making it available to anyone who would like to have it.

Section 1: Lofting,

Section 2: Setup and planking.

Section 3: Decking, Fitting Out, and Launching.


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