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Jim died from cancer in the winter of 2013

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Welcome to my woodenboat Site:

  Here you will find pictures of wood boats that I have built over the last twenty years or so. My boatbuilding career began when I was fifteen years old with a five year apprenticeship in cabinetmaking alongside a couple of the finest tradesmen in Ireland. I took this knowledge in woodworking with me to Ardmore Boatyard on the shores of Lough Neagh in Co. Antrim Nr, Ireland where I learned to apply it to boats. In 1970 my wife and I immigrated to Canada where I established McClelland Boatworks in Kenora Ontario. In 1987 we moved to Genoa Bay Vancouver Island and I continued to build until 1992. In 2003 we returned to Ireland. Through the years I have taken photos of the boats that I built so this site is a good way to get them out of the shoeboxes. I hope you find them interesting and maybe even inspire someone to pick up their tools and head for the workshop. ---- Jim McClelland

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This picture of "Lancashire Rose" was taking just before launching.
Notice that all the hardware including rails and stanchions are bronze.